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Ausstellungsansicht "Bus Stop", Nikolin BujariFoto: Evi Künstle

Bus Stop
Aktion, 2006
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The actions of Nikolin Bujari, which take place in public spaces, are characterised by a neccessity, an urgency, or if we like, an insurgency to the reality of the situation in which the artists decide to take action. Nikolin highlights all the defects of his subject through change, the adding or substraction of the elements in an undue way. Gathering strength in an instinctive manner, in the school of disturbances, his interventions make a mess of the rules that were pre-established from above but not embraced from below, giving back a new image: that of the real and sincere needs of the common people.

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Ausstellungsansicht "Karlsruhe Intervention", Nikolin BujariFoto: Evi Künstle

Karlsruhe Intervention
Aktion, 2007
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It’s obvious that the information system here is well defined; but, when you notice that everywhere is served the same information like in public, private spaces even in toilets it becomes visible that this information comes to you violently. By having the same abusive manner comes a moment when they lose their proper function.

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