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Irgin Sena

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Born on 1982 in Tirana, Albania
Lives and works in Tirana

1996–2000 Artistic Highschool „Jordan Misja“, Tirana
2001–2002 Academy of Arts, Tirana
2003 Westchester Community College, New York
2003–2006 Academy of Arts, Tirana

2004 Speak Up, Malmo, Suedi
2004 Cetinje Bienale 5, Shkoder
2004 Bergamo,  Italy
2006 Tirana Transfer, Tirana

Personal Exibitions
2006 Smile, 1.60Insurgentspace, Public space, Tirana

Group Exibitions
2004 Here and Now, Ciostro di San Agostino, Bergamo
2004 Cetinje Biennial 5, Cetinje
2005 Tirana Bienale 3, colaborattion with Andrea Culuncic, Tirana
2005 Dajti Hotel, Tirana
2006 Saze On Tour, Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn, Netherlands
2006 In Search of Videoart, Galeria e Vogel, Tirana
2006 Tirana Transfer, Badischer-Kunstverein, Karlsruhe

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Videostill "Between", Irgin Sena

Videoinstallation, 2004

I got the eye as the organ between the mind and the information that comes from outside. The mind moves the eye in search of its objective and in the same time the eye is attracted from what is offered from the outside. The sound is the instant where the radio waves are mixed, when one searches for the channel. I tried to make this moment of being distracted visible.

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Ausstellungsansicht "Double Spot", Irgin SenaFoto: Evi Künstle

Double Spot
Video, 2007

„Reciting, a love expression, lighted from below.“

The expression is taken from George Upton (1834–1919). This video deals with clichés and prepared thoughts. It is an exploration about the power of lighting, the transformation that an object or subject may take from changing the position of light. Here it is taken for granted how the subject may look if he is lighted from above like normally it happens; but, in this case it gives you a totally different feeling.

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