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fff – Florian Meyer



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Born in Berlin in 1976

Florian Meyer currently studies media art at HfG in the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe/Germany. Focused  on music and photography he is also highly interested in philosophical and scientific research. Since 1994 he takes part in different collaborations and artist communities, most mentionable the Institut für Feinmotorik (translates as institute for fine motor manipulations), which has released about 15 products in different formats. He performs solo as flowtex and fff as well. Florian Meyer's  artwork may be described as experimental, minimal, material, dental and peculiar political. His performances mostly take place at the borderland of 20th century classical music, cartoonjazz, bootypop and performance art.

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fff's demand is the sound producing usage of music related objects and machines, which are not intended to produce sound by themselves. On „barkthatfishingmarble“ the latest fff release, available on www.ichiigai.com, for example all  tracks were made by using  different feedback cycles within a dj-mixing desk and a computer, as well as a microphone lying in the calabash of a berimbao. Although the result is just highly predictable noise, meyer refers to it as „a surprisingly ruminant quest for spaces beyond melody and rhythm“.

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